Angel Investors
Special project financiers that can bring money, funding and hard to find loans for your business in exchange for a fee and/ or an equity position in your business. 
My name is john doe and I am a private Angel Investor and hard money lender. I am looking to fund tech startup companies. I have experience and a handful of successful projects under my belt so I'll know what projects will work for me when I see them.

Here is my website if you'd like to check me out I am also willing to sign a NCND before viewing your project. You can also contact me on my Skype account at: MYSKYPEHANDLE and you can also reach me by phone at (702) 234-5678 between 9am PST to 5pm PST. 
My name is jane doe and I am the team leader of my investing group. We are always looking for online info products being run by competent coaches, consultants and service providers. Currently looking for niche product verticals in the prepping and survival niches along with most other solar and technological projects.

Visit this website for my bio and investing preferences. Our team is easy to work with and will give you a quick and timely answer about your project and our potential involvement. My Skype account is: MYSKYPEHANDLE and you can also reach me by phone at (702) 234-5678 between 9am PST to 5pm PST. 
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